6 Tips to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

Working remotely is not a new concept, at least for some employees, who must have practiced it at least once in a while. However, with the recent state of COVID-19, many companies have instructed their employees to start working remotely until further notice. This unexpected extended duration has imposed challenges for some employees, especially the ones trying to work from home for the first time.

As employees, most of us are kept focused on work while at the office because of external conditions that restrict our freedom or levels of distraction. For example, attendance systems force the start and end of our work day, meetings force us to be available on certain schedules, sitting on our desks limit our involvement with non-work-related activities, and finally, seeing our managers around, watching us, keeps our distractions to the minimum.

Missing those conditions while working from home might leave many employees vulnerable to distractions and unable to maintain the required levels of productivity and dedication to work. Although conditions of work at home differ from one employee to another, there are a few tips that could generally help overcoming low productivity and increase concentration and dedication to work.

Tip 1- Go to Work, even if You Are at Home

To set your brain to the work mode, adhere to some practices that will help you feel you have actually gone to work. For example, don’t just wake up, open your laptop and start working, as this will keep you in the sleeping mode and may get you to fall asleep again very quickly. Make sure you get out of bed, change your pajamas, have your coffee, check out your social media, etc. Just do anything you were used to do as a routine before going to work.

Tip 2- List Your Tasks

Even if you are performing the daily routine work tasks, make sure you have them listed clearly instead of just having them in your head. Being able to see your tasks and crossing them off will give you a sense of achievement, and let you know that you are making progress. This will help you stay more organized, productive and motivated to work.

Tip 3- Plan Your Day

A planned day is always a more effective one. Ensure your calendar is fully booked with all your meetings and tasks. You can as well include your breaks and home-related chores that you will need to attend to during the day. This will help you stay focused on completing all the planned tasks within their allotted time and will minimize interruptions and wasted time in between. Once you’ve set your schedule, share it with your team mates. This will help them know what you are working on, when you are reachable for a call, available for a meeting or blocked out for some personal matters.

Tip 4- Avoid Distractions

Distractions are the most common direct causes of reduced productivity when working at home. Typically, when working at home, it is very easy to get distracted by a crying child, a favorite TV show, a basket full of laundry or a comfortable bed calling for a nap. To keep your brain in the right mode, avoid, or at least minimize distractions around you. For example, don’t work in the kitchen if you think you will be distracted by a sink full of dishes calling you to wash them! If possible, try to find yourself a dedicated workspace. This will help your brain recognize that this is the place where you will work productively. It will also help family members understand that you should not be interrupted while in that area because you are doing some work.

Tip 5- Stay Connected with Your Coworkers

One of challenges most remote-workers face is the social isolation. Although social interaction in the office might be distracting sometimes, it is still one of the most important factors of keeping everyone motivated and engaged. While working from home, make sure to establish or maintain the connection with your coworkers by setting more frequent video calls, arranging some online activities on break times, or simply picking up the phone to check on some one.

Tip 6- Take Regular Breaks

By breaks, we don’t mean checking your WhatsApp or Instagram, or navigating the web to read some news. To stay productive, you need to take an actual break by getting up and moving away from your laptop or desk. Have a chat with a family member, go to the kitchen to grab a snack or just stand by the window for some fresh air. Taking breaks while working from home is very important, especially if you have little interruptions at home since you might find yourself have worked continuously for extended hours without any break, which will be very exhausting and demotivating on the long run.

Having read this, which of those tips do you already apply, and what other tips are you following that help you stay productive while working from home?

Share your feedback with us. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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