Investment Corporation Of Dubai

Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), the principal investment arm of the Government of Dubai, was established in May 2006 by decree (11) of 2006 under a mandate to consolidate and manage the Government of Dubai’s portfolio of commercial companies and investments. It also provides strategic oversight by developing and implementing investment strategy and corporate governance policies with an objective to maximize stakeholder value, for the long-term benefit of the Emirate.

ICD has a rich portfolio of assets, both locally and internationally, across a broad spectrum of the sectors that form the blueprint of Dubai’s dynamic economy. It has built a strong foundation of key indigenous companies from multiple sectors that Dubai has worked strategically over four decades to achieve dominance in. ICD is now furthering Dubai’s presence and expertise by expanding globally, pursuing an ambitious investment strategy that is disciplined, sustainable, and provides synergy with its existing portfolio. In doing so, ICD is working to safeguard and enhance Dubai’s economic prosperity for future generations.