Is Your Organization Ready to Start Working from Home Immediately?

With no doubt, the latest advances in technology and communication has drastically shifted the standards of traditional work practices. Further, the evolution of social media, its wide spread and availability to almost everyone has reduced the barriers of communication between individuals and businesses worldwide.

Among the most popular new work practices that arise was the concept of remote work, where employees no more attend to office and can perform their tasks remotely from anywhere. Despite the wide spread of this concept and the availability of resources to implement it, some organizations were still hesitant to adopt this work style for many reasons relating to security concerns, office space utilization, employee productivity, etc.

However, with the recent outbreak of Corona virus, and the worldwide efforts to overcome it, things have changed. Until this moment, most of the efforts are focused towards eliminating the spread of the virus through reducing interaction with infected individuals, which means (among other measures), shutting down public places including offices, for some time.

This sudden event has put an immediate end for the reluctance of many companies to implement working remotely, as this sounds a less harmful option to implement than the temporary shutdown. However, they still need to deal with the challenge of monitoring their employees’ productivity and their commitment to completing tasks as required and on time.

Is Your Organization Ready to Start Working from Home Immediately?

With our StemeXe for Remote Workers, this is not a challenge at all. Employers will be able to track the utilization, productivity and performance of their employees without necessarily attending to office. Through its “Activities” module, StemeXe allows employees to log their daily activities and the efforts spent on them in a very easy and effective way.

Every employee will have his own space for creating tasks, updating their progress and reporting their completion once done. Dashboards will also allow employees to monitor their utilization on a daily and weekly basis, where they will see associated scores and percentages of completion. The system will also remind and encourage employees to keep updating their tasks until they fulfill the required working hours.

Managers will also be able to monitor tasks progression and completion, with the ability to approve or reject those tasks and communicate with the employees within the application itself regarding them. In addition to monitoring tasks, managers will also be able to assign tasks to their team members and track those tasks until completion.

With the instant updates of progress and utilization scores through the system, it will not only help tracking employee’s tasks, but will also increase their productivity as they are being continuously updated with the progress and reminded with their obligation to fulfill their working hours.

Don’t wait anymore! Contact us now to start using StemeXe at your organization immediately.

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