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Branding & Digital Identity

We know that creating a new brand here at Digital Lead Generation  is far more than just designing a logo, it establishes the essence of your services. We will work with you to really get your Product & Services and target audience under your skin so that we can create the most effective product identity that moves you forward as a brand.

We are rethinking how brands and their experiences should be designed to stand out and communicate with customers on their ever-evolving terms and conditions. We partner as a brand consultancy with visionary leaders to help define the branding’s future.

Brand Identity:

 This is the term for your Services ‘ visual appearance; it is the design of the brand itself (logo), and the identity that supports it.

We will investigate and suggest typefaces, colors and the most effective way to use your images to portray your brand. We want to create something unique to your services or products that is really in the minds of customers and potential customers.

Brand Protection:

Once we have created your new brand identity we want it to remain consistent throughout the rollout process. For this reason, we will work with you to create a user-friendly set of rules for in-house designs and personnel. We call this rule book “brand guidelines; this document will explore how to use your corporate typeface, color choices, use of the logo, use of the image and general visual styling implementation. This document gives you peace of mind that your brand identity will remain strong in coming years.


Once you have built your new identity the fun will start. We will work with you to prepare the most effective implementation plan, so that you can make the most of your new brand. We’ll prepare the marketing material you need to create and when it reaches your target market.

To see how we can work with you to help implement your brand, see the full range of services that we provide.


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