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Mobile applications consist of software that runs on a mobile device as well as other hand-held devices and performs certain and custom task for the mobile user.

Mobile Application Usage

In the business and social sector mobile applications are very popular due to custom use for meeting particular needs of users. Growing use of mobile phones & custom mobile application by businesses is directly creating favorable situations for mobile application development. Businesses use mobile applications for advertising purpose in the modern business environment at the global level.

Compatible for New Devices

Mobile applications are getting accordingly smarter and larger in scope. Application for new devices like BlackBerry, Android, iPhone look, feel and act like their browser-based counterparts.

New Features

As technology advances and new features become available, we’re constantly looking at ways we can push the boundaries and offer our clients a cutting-edge service.

Core Strengths of Xtreme

If your goal is to use the mobile market opportunity and get access to the huge cell phone audience over their we would be glad to assist you. Mobile application development is one of the core strengths of Xtreme.

Mobile Application Services


provides following mobile application development services:

  • Android App Development
  • BlackBerry App Development
  • iPhone App Development

How to start mobile app development?

If you are looking for mobile app development company then just contact us to know more about mobile application development services. Our software architects and business analysts will reach you within one business day to clarify the set of requirements.

Even if you have just a brief business concept of a mobile application you would like us to take care of, Xtreme will work with you to determine the list of features that will be needed for the project to be successful.

Xtreme follows industrial benchmarked practices and processes to deliver projects on time and within budget with high-performance throughput.